Back To Basics: Long-Term Closet Maintenance

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So you’ve got the check list, you’ve audited your closet, you’ve shopped for the items you need, and now your wardrobe is COMPLETE!

But one thing is guaranteed – your wardrobe will continue to evolve.  Seasons change, people move, new jobs are taken, and lifestyles change.  In other words, life keeps moving forward. And your wardrobe has to do the same.

So how do you keep your closet in step with your life?

dream closet

If only all of our closets could be like this!


Tip 1: Set a reoccurring closet audit date

The best time to go through your closet is at the change of the seasons, but you can pick any time that works for you. Give yourself a couple of hours to do a closet audit once or twice a year. Make it a fun event – put on some comfy clothes, grab some snacks, and listen to your favorite music. Remove the worn items that need to be replaced, tailor the items that you love that just need some TLC, and donate what you haven’t worn in a while.

Tip 2: Do a mini closet audit with big lifestyle changes

When our lives change, usually our wardrobe does too. But we just add the stuff we need, without removing the things we don’t. Whether it’s a move to a different climate, a new job with a more strict (or more casual) dress code, parenthood, or a change in physical appearance, our clothes have to keep up with our new lives. When a big change happens, give yourself some time to go through your closet. Make a list of items you will need, and toss or donate the stuff that will no longer serve you. Don’t let your wardrobe get clogged with stuff you don’t need!

one in one out

Tip 3: One in, one out

This is probably the toughest one of all. When you have the amount you need in your closet, it can be easy to add without getting rid of. If you replace something, be sure to get rid of the old item! If it’s still good, donate it to a women’s shelter; if it’s worn out, toss it. When we fill our closets with too many options, and too many multiples, it makes getting dressed more difficult, and takes away from that streamlined wardrobe that we love.

Tip 4: Keep a list

The best way to ensure that you get the pieces you need is to keep a revolving list. When you notice a piece needs to be replaced soon, add it to the list. When your new job has an office like an icebox, add an office sweater to the list. When you take up a new exercise like barre classes, add sticky socks to the list. That list will keep you focused on the items you need and help you avoid impulse buys that don’t really fit in your wardrobe.

How do you maintain your closet?

Cathy Benavides

Cathy is a native Austinite, and writes a plus size style blog called Austin Slave to Fashion. She is a blogger and the social media manager here at Fling Fashions and hoards lip gloss, owls, and fine point Sharpie markers.

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