Five Purses You NEED In Your Wardrobe

There was a show on Cartoon Network back in the day called Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was silly, and made absolutely no sense. But there was a great line from one episode that definitely applies to this post. One of the characters was trying to justify his excessive consumption of candy and explains it by saying, “I don’t WANT candy, I NEED candy. And that’s a sign of maturity!”

Obviously, want/need don’t really apply to candy. But it definitely applies to your closet! Sure we may want to have 5 different cross body bags (in slightly similar shades), but is that what we need for our wardrobe? There are really only 5 types of bags you need in your closet to be ready for every situation.

The Everyday Bag

1. Anne Klein Perfect Tote, Medium (in Earth) | 2. Fossil Explorer Hobo Shoulder Bag (in Espresso) | 3. Nine West Angular Zippers Tote Shoulder Bag (in Black)

This is the bag that has the pockets where you like them, the space for all of your essentials/snacks/notebooks/miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam, and is the perfectly color to work with 99.3% of your wardrobe. It’s the bag you carry every day, and the bag you don’t mind spending a little extra on because it’s going to get so much use.

The Night Out Clutch

1. Snakeskin Clutch (with matching necklace) | 2. Chictastic Glitter Confetti Sparkle Mini Cocktail Clutch (in Red) | 3. BCBGeneration Quinn The Clueless Clutch (in Amazon)

When this clutch comes out of the closet, it means you are in for a great night! This is the clutch you carry for cocktail parties, weddings, classy work functions, and fancy dinners. Whether you go for a bold color, sparkles, of a cool pattern, this clutch will always help you make a statement.

The Hands Free Cross Body Bag

1. The Sak Pax Swing Pack Cross Body Bag (in Painterly Stripe) | 2. Goson Crossbody Mini Purse Organizer Travel Bag (in Light Brown) | 3. Sakroots Artist Circle Tablet Cross Body Bag (in Optic Songbird)

This is the bag you reach for when you need to be hands free. Trips to an amusement park, a day of serious outlet mall shopping, an outdoor concert or festival, or just a ton of errands. You can get a neutral one that matches everything, or go for a fun and trendy pattern.

The Laptop Carryall Tote

1. Kattee Women’s Genuine Leather Double Zip Large Tote Shoulder Bag (in Black) | 2. Tommy Hilfiger Canvas Rugby Stripe Anchor Print Large Shoulder Bag (in Raspberry/ Natural) | 3. Life Is Good Shoulder Bag With Detachable Strap (in Blue)

There’s going to come a time (at least once or twice a month) where you will need to haul around a bunch of stuff. Maybe it’s a day of off-site work meetings, or have to go to 5 stores to return purchases, or just taking your laptop and couple of snacks to the park to work on some writing. A laptop bag, large tote, or even a fun backpack is perfect for those “too many things to fit in my regular purse” days.

The Statement Bag

1. Calvin Klein SaffiaNo Tote (in Punch) | 2. Betsey Johnson Bow Tie Shopper Top Handle Bag (in Dot) | 3. Vince Camuto Thea Small Satchel (in Limoncello)

This purse is THE ONE. It’s the bag you reach for on the days that you need a little extra pep in your step. It’s the bag you take to brunch with friends, or on a first date. It’s the bag that you totally wanted, but was too expensive, then you found it on crazy sale, and it’s just THE BEST. Maybe it’s not the most practical, and you can’t fit all of your essentials in it; but it’s awesome and fierce and totally you.

What is your go-to bag?

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Cathy Benavides

Cathy is a native Austinite, and writes a plus size style blog called Austin Slave to Fashion. She is a blogger and the social media manager here at Fling Fashions and hoards lip gloss, owls, and fine point Sharpie markers.

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