Fling Fashions’ Favorite Fashionable Moms

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we couldn’t be more excited! We have so much respect for moms and all the amazing things they do for their children. Raising a human being is hard work, and moms make so many sacrifices for their kids. We tip our hats to you!!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve picked some of our favorite¬†stylish TV and movie moms. ¬†How did they find the time to raise their kids and still look so great?

Claire Huxtable – The Cosby Show

clair huxtable 2 clair huxtable

Was there any woman in the 80s that was dressed better than Claire Huxtable? From her bold power suits (she was an attorney after all) to her bright casual looks, she had a strong sense of style that definitely influenced her stylish daughters, Sondra, Vanessa, and Denise!

Miranda Priestly – The Devil Wears Prada

miranda priestly


Okay, so this one is cheating a little, but she is a mom! Remember, she made Andi run all over to find the new Harry Potter book for her twins?? She’s an odious woman, but her style is ON POINT.

Mrs. George – Mean Girls

Mrs George Mean Girls

What is not to love about Mrs. George? She’s a Cool Mom! True her look is a bit youthful, and she’s a bit desperate to fit in with her teenage daughter’s friends, but there’s no denying that she looks awesome.

Betty Draper-Francis – Mad Men

betty draper


Has there ever been a TV mom more perfectly put together than Betty Draper (now Francis)? Even when her marriage was crumbling, and her life was chaos, she never stopped being completely chic. She is always styled to perfection with never a hair out of place or a lipstick smudge. Her kids and life may be a mess, but she always looks amazing!

Fiona Goode – American Horror Story: Coven

Fiona goode

True she only wears one color (except for the time she wore a red dress). And yes, she sort of tried to kill her daughter. But she’s still a mom, and she’s still stylish as hell. No literally, she has no soul. Who’s the baddest witch, indeed!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!!


Cathy Benavides

Cathy is a native Austinite, and writes a plus size style blog called Austin Slave to Fashion. She is a blogger and the social media manager here at Fling Fashions and hoards lip gloss, owls, and fine point Sharpie markers.

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