Fling Fashions’ Favorite Style Icons

There are so many amazing women from which we can draw fashion inspiration. Whether it’s on the red carpet, in movies or TV shows, on the stage, or in a magazine spread, there are so many amazing examples of women with fabulous style. It’s hard to narrow it down, but here are our 8 favorite style icons.

Audrey Hepburn

audrey hepburn

The most iconic style star of this century. No list is complete without the woman who brought us the Little Black Dress! She showed us everyday elegance and class in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and made sleeping masks all the rage. She brought black skinny pants to the forefront of style in Funny Face. Her personal elegance and amazing sense of classic style is still sought-after an emulated today.

Tilda Swinton

Tilda swinton

Blogger extraordinaire Cathy from Austin Slave to Fashion (and writer for Fling Fashions!) insisted that no style icon list is complete without including Tilda. She has stepped out as a fiercely independent style star, embracing super minimal and modern looks, as well as extremely androgynous ensembles. She is striking and stunning, and always stands out, no matter what she wears. She’s often been compared to David Bowie (there’s an entire Tumblr blog dedicated to them), which can only be the highest of compliments.

Reese Witherspoon

reese witherspoon

It doesn’t get more All-American than baseball, apple pie, and Reese Witherspoon.  Her beautiful smile and chic and classic look never goes out of style. Whether she’s on the red carpet, or just getting caught by the paparazzi (who are totally rude), she always looks ladylike and put together.

Mindy Kaling

mindy kalinf

There are not enough words to describe the awesome-ness of Mindy Kaling’s mad style and fabulous effect on the style conversation. Mindy is not afraid to be bold and daring with her look, whether it’s a mini dress, patterned joggers, or a crazy bright shade of lipstick. Mindy has showed women that you don’t have to conform to the impossible standard of beauty set by the industry to have some fun with your style. She’s absolutely herself, and her style is FIERCE.

Jane Birkin

jane birkin

One of the most famous purses in the world is named after her, and for very good reason! A critically acclaimed actress and singer, Jane Birkin made waves with some controversial music and a high profile romance. But it was her natural elegance and easy 70s style that made her an instant icon. She brought an effortless and casually chic style to the masses, and her no-fuss beauty made her instantly adored. Where can we get hair like that?

Emma Watson

emma watson

Remember the first Harry Potter movie? Emma Watson proved she was an acting force to be reckoned with, and now she’s also a style force to be reckoned with. Her ladylike looks always have a bit of an exciting edge, like a leather jacket, pointed stilettos, or just a super bold lip color. She’s beautiful, talented, brilliant, and an impassioned feminist. You want to BE her and be her best friend!

Queen Latifah

queen latifah

Queen Latifah has definitely seen a huge style change over the years. From her beginning as one of hip-hop’s first female MCs, to an accomplished jazz and gospel singer, to a celebrated actress, her style as evolved as much as her resumé! She has never been ashamed to showcase her curves, and has developed a beautiful style with some fun unexpected twists. She can channel old Hollywood glamour, on the red carpet, take a chic approach to business wear on her show, and still look amazing in jeans and a t-shirt. She’s a style triple-threat!

Kate Middleton aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

kate middleton

No list is complete without include Kate Middleton! Since announcing her engagement to Prince William, the world has hung on her every move and every outfit. Her dresses sell out in minutes, LK Bennett starting selling their shoes all over the world to meet the demand for her perfect pumps and wedges, and hair dressers all over have upped their blowout game. Kate is not one to be stifled by the strict confines of royal protocol, maintaining her love of color, pattern, and special details. We couldn’t pick just one look for her – we love them all!

Who is your style icon?

Cathy Benavides

Cathy is a native Austinite, and writes a plus size style blog called Austin Slave to Fashion. She is a blogger and the social media manager here at Fling Fashions and hoards lip gloss, owls, and fine point Sharpie markers.

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