Have a Fling

Ready to take on the latest fashions trends?  Then it’s time to get your Fling on!  Check out our top picks for adding the best fall trends to your wardrobe, on a budget.

Trend #1: Seventies Retro Fashion

70s 3 1970’s style made a strong appearance on the runways during Fashion Week, giving the world a sneak peek into what’s heading to department stores in 2016.   Hint: think funky flowers & butterfly prints, suede, and fabrics in throwback shades of green, yellow, blue, and orange.

But as sure as trends come & go, leave the 70’s style patterned tops and dresses for the clearance rack!  Smartly apply this trend by adding a Retro Pop to your current wardrobe with funky infinity scarves in 70’s inspired colors and patterns.   Pair one with a wrap dress and tall boots to give off that sultry seventies vibe.

Vintage Orange Pink Purple







Trend #2:  Gender Neutral Colors


Free Expression is the theme of Pantone’s Spring 2016 Color Report, offering a unisex palette of colors that will lead both men & women’s fashion this Spring.

Pantone has selected it’s official Color of the Year, and predictions for the color palette that will rule fashion this Spring/Summer 2016.  We’re loving the softness of Rose Quartz, and boldness of Fiesta!



Trend #3: Faux Fur


Keeping in trend with the 1970’s inspired movement, it should come as no surprise that faux fur styles will be a popular choice in Fall &  Winter 2016.  For an easy, everyday approach to this trend, try these faux fur scarves.







Trend #4: Simple, Gold Accessories

Peter Lang Australia

Say goodbye to over-sized bags, belts and statement necklaces! 2016 is all about keeping your accessories clean & simple.  Think long, simple pendant necklaces and sleek gold belts.

Achieve the minimalist look with this Sleek Gold Mirror Belt.  This belt looks fantastic when paired with a simple A-line dress and 70’s inspired jump suits.


The mirrored belt is going to be a hot trend in 2016. Minimalist in design,  it offers a modern look  to any dress you pair it with!

The mirrored belt is a hot trend for 2016.
Minimalist in design,
it offers a modern look
to your favorite summer maxi dress or romper.


Trend #5: Motherhood

Dolce Gabbana Motherhood

While Motherhood certainly isn’t a new trend, it’s been garnering attention on the Runway.  We’ve found some mom-friendly fashions that are both stylish & functional, like teething-necklaces and scarves that double as a breastfeeding cover.  Genius!



 What is your favorite fashion trend of 2016?