The 10 Colors to Wear this Season

Need a boost of color in your wardrobe?  Check out the top 10 colors that will be hot this Spring & Summer season.   This list was compiled using Pantone’s top color picks for 2014.  Enjoy!

Bright Colors

Mix bright colors together for a bold & confident look, or layer your brights on top of a pastel background to provide a contrasting & modern look.

Radiant Orchid


If you haven’t heard, Radiant Orchid is THE color that will dominate retail stores this year.  Officially the Color of the Year for 2014, the purply-pink hue is bold & feminine. If you are in need of a new Basic, do consider this color.  It will quickly freshen up your wardrobe.


This Radiant Orchid skirt is a featured item on our Basics Checklist.

This Radiant Orchid skirt is a featured item on our Basics Checklist.



Dazzling Blue


Dazzling Blue is another bold color standout this year.  It pairs very nicely with Radiant Orchid and, surprisingly, is the perfect contrast to the lighter pastels on this list.






Cayenne is just as hot as it sounds.  Give your neutrals a kick when paired with this spicy color.  I plan to pick up camisole in this color and wear it underneath my Sandy silk blazer.




Freesia4. FREESIA

Freesia is a playful color that is hard for some skin tones (like mine!) to pull off.  If the same goes for you, do what I do and consider applying this color in the form of accessories rather than clothing, like this fun geometric necklace & earring set.


Celosia Orange



Celosia Orange is a warm color that reminds me of a beautiful sunset, especially when paired with Violet Tulip or Radiant Orchid.  The combination of the two colors looks fresh & spontaneous.

Check out Camilla Belle rocking that exact look in her 2 Basics:  a bright camisole & silky blazer.




Soft Pastels

Pairing pretty pastels with vivid brights is the trend designers are flocking to this season.  Try mixing these versatile pastels with the bold colors listed above.  The pairing of the two offers an unexpected & contemporary look.

Violet Tulip1. VIOLET TULIP

Violet Tulip has a vintage feel.   I personally love the way it looks with Hemlock, listed below.  Paired together, they offer a soft & romantic palette.  I see velvet & lace items in this color for the fall.




Placid Blue2. PLACID BLUE

Placid Blue evokes a sense of calm.  Pair it with Dazzling Blue, it’s polar opposite, for a cool vibe.  Add a pop of Celosia Orange or Freesia to keep it current.




Hemlock3. HEMLOCK

Hemlock is an earthy green that is much different from the bold emerald-inspired greens we have seen on the runway the past 2 years.  Pair it with sand for a natural, earthy balance.  For a bolder unique look, try it out with Radiant Orchid or Cayenne.





These featured neutrals are perfect for breaking up the au courant look of mixing bolds with pastels.  You can wear these with every single color listed above.




Sand is a toasty color that reminds us of an easy summer day at the beach, but can easily spill over into your fall wardrobe.





Paloma2. PALOMA

Paloma is a grayish hue that works well as a main color or as an accent.  Try it with something soft  like Violet Tulip, or bold like Dazzling Blue.

Julia Nova

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