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This weekend, Fling Fashions participated in an extraordinary event hosted by the Texas Birth Networks.  The 2016 Birth Roundup was created as a platform for women to learn, connect, and share their birth stories.

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Special guests Ricki Lake (yes, that Ricki Lake!) and filmmaker Abby Epstein spoke to the crowd about the public reaction to their award-winning documentary, “The Business of Being Born“.  If you haven’t seen it, the film explores the modern maternity care system in America.  Since its release, the film has piqued the interest of women across the US, who have long been exposed to hospital births and scheduled cesarean deliveries as the norm.

“The film was released 7 or 8 years ago, but that’s how long it takes for (the message) to get out there,” said Lake, referring to the ripple effect the film has had on the birthing community.  While Lake and Epstein have received much praise for bringing awareness to birthing options, the duo drew criticism early on from the medical community.  “They called us Nazi Filmakers,” recalls Epstein.

Yes, my photo is blurry, but that is the real Ricki Lake!

Yes, my photo is blurry, but that is the real Ricki Lake!

I had seen the film a few years ago, and was really impressed by this new Ricki Lake.  Admittedly, I was a big fan of her 90’s talk show, which is what prompted me to view the documentary when it showed up in my Netflix que.

When I learned that the filmmakers were going to be speaking in North Texas, I jumped at the chance for Fling Fashions to get involved.  Why?  Our blog and the entire concept behind our Basics Checklist is inspired by transformation.  And what bigger transformation than motherhood?

I signed up for Fling Fashions to be a vendor at the Mom & Babies Fair, held at the at Hall of Fame in Globe Life Stadium (where our beloved Texas Ranger play).  My focus for the booth was simple: showcase mom-friendly apparel & accessories that could be worn at each stage of their transformation.  We featured flowing tunic tops to be worn while pregnant or after giving birth, over-sized infinity scarves that easily convert to a cover for breastfeeding, and stylish teething-necklaces for mom to feel fashionable while baby feels comforted.

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That’s me! I’m standing next to a mannequin that shows how a simple infinity scarf can transform into a breastfeeding cover.

That's me (left) with my dear friend Chelsie, who enthusiastically showed all the moms how our scarves could help them during their breastfeeding stage.

That’s me (left) with my dear friend Chelsie, who enthusiastically showed all the moms how our scarves can double as a breastfeeding cover. She also convinced me to let me hair down. :-)













At the event, we were fortune to meet some amazing women and entrepreneurs.  In a moment of fate, one of the patrons of my booth was a midwife from the Fort Worth Birthing Center.  I recognized her instantly as the woman who had comforted me after discovering that mine was an Ectopic Pregnancy, and I was going to have to be rushed to the hospital immediately or risk death when (inevitably) the pregnancy ruptured.  Albeit the birthing community is a small one, it was still something of a shock & relief to be confronted with this memory.

If you live here in North Texas, I invite you to check out the sponsors and vendors of this event and consider supporting their local businesses and non-profit organizations.

Thanks for reading!  xoxo Julia


Julia Nova

Julia is the Chief Editor and Co-Founder of Fling Fashions. Her interest in fashion started when she was just 8 years old and was gifted a stack of YM and Seventeen Magazines. Julia founded Fling Fashions to share the shopping & style tips that she has learned over the years to an audience of fashion lovers on a budget.

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