Top 10 Style & Shopping Tips

1. Dress for Fit & Style, not for Comfort.  That’s not to say your clothes should be uncomfortable, but the baggy t-shirts & shapeless sweats should be saved for the gym or for lounging at home.  Although it’s tempting to throw on your comfy clothes before heading out to run errands, you will feel more confident in a form fitting outfit that flatters your body.  (And confidence ranks high as one of the sexiest attributes a woman can have!)  Your clothing is one of the very first things people notice about you, so use that as an opportunity to present your best & most stylish self.

2. Shop with a Plan.  Set out to buy a particular item that your wardrobe requires.  Refer to the Basics Checklist to audit your closet and see what it’s lacking.

3. Skip Clothing with Trendy Patterns.    Instead, save the trendy patterns & colors for your FLING like infinity scarves, bracelets, & necklaces.  Check out 2014’s top fashion trends that are available for less in the form of Fling.


Have a Fling with Infinity Scarves.

4.  Double Up.  If you find something that you love & fits perfectly, buy two!  This is especially true for your basics like jeans, black pants, or a classic white button-down that gets dingy with wash & wear.

5. Shop to Layer.  Shop to layer your clothing & keep in mind the items that you already own, considering colors, textures, & seasons. Beware of items that require you to purchase more than you had planned just to complete the look.  In other words, don’t buy a piece of clothing that doesn’t go with anything you own unless you are willing to spend more time, money, and energy to pull it all together.

6. Break Old Habits.  When shopping, take notice if you find yourself gravitating to items that are similar to something you have hanging in your closet.  There’s a good reason that you like it – you already own it!  Step out of your comfort zone and try a new top or pant style that you haven’t considered.

While buying 2 items of your favorite basics like jeans or black pants is a fashion do, buying an item of clothing that looks exactly like something you already own is a DON'T.

While buying 2 items of your favorite basics like jeans or black pants is a fashion do, buying an item of clothing that looks exactly like something you already own is a DON’T.

7.  Get a tailor.  If you find an article of clothing that you absolutely love but isn’t the perfect fit, take it to a tailor and have it altered to your measurements.  This is especially true for those investment pieces that you can wear for years to come.  Keep in mind that it’s easier to take in fabric than it is to take out, so this rule should only apply to garments that are too large.  If it’s too small, pass it up.

8. Choose your shopping buddy wisely.  A bad shopping partner is not discerning in what they purchase and can completely derail you.  They will show you overpriced, trendy items and clothing that “would look so great on you!”.  Have a plan of what you are looking to buy and stick to it.  Encourage your friend to do the same and you can help each other in your fashion scavenger hunt.

9.  Shop for your real life & not your fantasy life.  At some point we are all guilty of picking out cute clothes that will look great when we go yachting with Beyonce or clubbing with Rhianna.  Shop with your everyday life in mind and save your money on the occasion-specific items until you have an occasion to shop for.

10.  Have fun!  Allow yourself to browse the latest trends so you are in the know, and then apply them to your wardrobe with Fling; those fun accessories that won’t break the bank but keep you in trend.  Visit the Fling Fashions catalogue for inspiration.


Julia Nova

Julia is the Chief Editor and Co-Founder of Fling Fashions. Her interest in fashion started when she was just 8 years old and was gifted a stack of YM and Seventeen Magazines. Julia founded Fling Fashions to share the shopping & style tips that she has learned over the years to an audience of fashion lovers on a budget.

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