Trends We’re Thankful Haven’t Made A Comeback

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Thanksgiving is next week, and we’re already planning which stretchy pants we’ll be wearing to make room for all that turkey pie! Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the things we are thankful for, and (in true fashion-love style) we decided to make a list of horrible styles that, THANKFULLY, haven’t made a comeback.

Crinoline Cages

crinoline cage

Let’s just breathe a sigh of relief that this incredibly restrictive and dangerous fashion statement has not made a comeback! In addition to the fact that you can’t really move or sit or function in a crinoline cage, there is always the danger of injury or even death from wearing a crazy metal contraption that you are essentially stuck in unless someone can help you get out. Your dress will look pretty fly though……

Foot Binding

foot binding

Speaking of restrictive and dangerous, let’s talk about Chinese Foot Binding. (Editor’s Note: DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGES unless you want to be super disturbed!) Thank goodness it’s no longer fashionable to have tiny, useless feet. Back in the day, it was considered a sign of status and wealth for a woman to not be able to use her feet. Unfortunately, the process of breaking and re-breaking and binding the foot often led to infection and other horrendous complications. Let’s hope this never comes back into style.

Shoulder Pads

shoulder pads - working girl

Raise your hand if you’ve seen 80s movies like Working Girl, 9 To 5, or Heathers. Other than the giant hair, the most glaring trend is the presence of HUGE SHOULDER PADS. Why did women want to look like linebackers? We’re so glad that our natural shoulders are acceptable these days, and we hope we never have to shove pads of fabric into our jackets again.

Trucker Hats


There was a period in the early 2000s where everyone who was anyone was wearing  a trucker hat. We blame Ashton Kutcher and Von Dutch for this trashy trend, and we’re so glad that this trend died out as quickly as it came about. Due to the almost universal scorn for the look, we’re pretty confident that it won’t be making a comeback.

Leg warmers and Leotards


If you’ve ever attended an 80s themed party, you probably pulled out your leotard and legwarmers to channel that Flashdance look. While off-the-shoulder sweaters have remained stylish, and there’s been a resurgence of athleisure attire, we’re glad to see that leotards and leg warmers have retreated to a memory in fashion history. Let’s hope they stay in the gym forever.

What trend’s end made you most thankful?

Cathy Benavides

Cathy is a native Austinite, and writes a plus size style blog called Austin Slave to Fashion. She is a blogger and the social media manager here at Fling Fashions and hoards lip gloss, owls, and fine point Sharpie markers.

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